What is the House of Marína?

It is an interactive exhibition, dedicated to the world's longest love poem. It is presented in Slovak and English; and we will be adding German and Hungarian in the coming weeks.

Who will enjoy this interactive exhibition?

Anyone from around the world aged 6 to 100.

Why is the House of Marína called the Epicentrum of Love?

The heart of the House of Marína is the Love Bank; big enough to embrace 100,000 love stories. When the Love Bank is full, it will become the place with the greatest concentration of love in the world. The Epicentrum of Love.

What is the club of the Epicentrum of Love?

The club brings together people who have decided to preserve and protect their love in the Love Bank.

Why are there exactly 100,000 Love Boxes in the Love Bank?

The verses of the poem Marína on which the Love Bank is based, consist of 100,000 letters, characters and spaces. Each Love Box thus represents a letter, character or space from this poem.

How is this project financed?

This project is financed by the founders; with additional contributions from the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic to support emergency repairs to the roof and part of the façade.

Thank you to our partners:

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Contact us

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+421 45 557 2398

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