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Ján Majsniar


“Banská Štiavnica is a fascinating town and I have been living and running my business here for almost all of my life. It was three years ago when we embarked on this amazing project and bought the house where Marína lived for almost all of her life - and it is her to whom Andrej Sládkovič dedicated in 1846 a poem which is still the longest love poem in the world. I am very excited that we managed to have this poem registered by the World Record Academy - the world's largest organization for the certification of world records. I do believe that the Love Bank - at the heart of the House of Marína - will become the place with the greatest concentration of love in the world. The Epicentrum of Love.”

Igor Brossmann


“It's interesting how many people go to Verona to follow the tale of Romeo and Juliet. By contrast, the relationship of Marína and Sládkovič is a real story of love. I feel that what Juliet’s balcony in Verona is today, the House of Marína in Banská Štiavnica could very soon become. A new pilgrimage spot for couples in love from all over the world.”

Other people who collaborated to bring you the Epicentrum of Love in the House of Marína.

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Steevo Voskár

Special technologies and effects

Tomáš Nemec

Visual arts & design

Katka Javorská

Creative project manager

Gabika Bugyíková

Back office and finances

Lenka Kožárová

Sládkovič's manuscript and web page specialist

Dušan Vozár a Marek Ležovič

Facilitated delivery of everything that you will see and experience

Patrik Martiška, Palo Krnáč a Miroslav Židík

Enthusiastic and clever guys without whose help this would not have been possible

Ing. Dana Droppová, PhD., CA, DipIFR

Economic and tax advisor

Katka Bradáčová

A kind soul who has believed in us from the very beginning

JUDr. Ivo Eckmann

Legal advisor

Dr. Mikuláš Čelko

House of Marína historian

Róbert Lifka

Loyal supporter

The team who is looking forward to greeting you at the Epicentrum of Love

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Silvia Bólyová

Zuzana Marková

Alžbeta Kocková

Lenka Dulíková

A big thank you to all those individuals, institutions and companies who have helped, and continue to help, us!

Thank you to our partners:

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Radničné námestie 18



+421 45 557 2398

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